No matter how you get to campus, we're here for you!

  We are a terrific group of dedicated students --

a group of commuters, working for commuters. We love Victoria College, and we’re here to make the commuter life the best life possible! We want to spread this enthusiasm to all students, so that when it comes time for each of us to leave, we know that we have played our part in improving the university experience (and have enjoyed it, too!).

Want to win a free locker? 

Fill out our survey and you can enter your name in a raffle to WIN a guaranteed locker spot for Fall 2020! 

Survey link will be open early August 2020!


Want to share your music taste?

VOCA is giving students the chance to create their own bumping commuter playlists (either Spotify or Apple Music) for all students to access whether you're studying in a library, or are on the subway home! All our playlists will be available to listen to through our website or our Facebook page!
E-mail commuter@vusac.ca if you have any questions!